California Department of Education 2004 Academic Performance Index (API) Base
School Report - API Base, Ranks, and Targets
California Department of Education
Policy and Evaluation Division
Revised July 25, 2005
School: Ysmael Villegas Middle
District: Alvord Unified
County:  Riverside
CDS Code: 33-66977-6120109
School Type: Middle
Number of Students Included in the 2004 API 2004 API Base   2004 Statewide Rank 2004 Similar Schools Rank   2004-05 Growth Target 2005 API Target
1242 719   6 6   4 723


Number of Pupils Included in 2004 API Numerically Significant 2004 Subgroup API Base 2004-05 Subgroup Growth Target 2005 Subgroup API Target
 African American (not of Hispanic origin) 123 Yes 665 3 668
 American Indian or Alaska Native 4 No
 Asian 82 No
 Filipino 48 No
 Hispanic or Latino 545 Yes 673 3 676
 Pacific Islander 8 No
 White (not of Hispanic origin) 427 Yes 767 3 770
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 418 Yes 650 3 653

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Note: Data are reported only for numerically significant subgroups. Ethnic/racial and socioeconomically disadvantaged subgroups meeting the following criteria are considered numerically significant: the group (1) contains at least 100 students with test scores included in the API (valid scores) OR (2) comprises at least 15% of the school population tested and contains at least 50 students with valid scores.
"N/A"  means a number is not applicable or not available due to missing data.
"N/R"  means required enrollment data are not reported.
" * "  means this API is calculated for a small school district, defined as having between 11 and 99 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test scores included in the API (valid scores). APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and therefore should be carefully interpreted.
"A"  means the school or subgroup scored at or above the statewide performance target of 800 in 2004.
"I"  means the school has some invalid data, and CDE cannot calculate a valid similar schools rank for this school.
For more details about the displayed information, see the Explanatory Notes for the 2004 API Base Report