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2010-11 Accountability Progress Reporting (APR)

Similar Schools Report
2010 Base
Academic Performance Index (API) Report

California Department of Education
Analysis, Measurement &
Accountability Reporting Division

California Department of Education

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School:  Cupertino Middle

LEA:  Cupertino Union
County:  Santa Clara
CDS Code:  43-69419-6046767
School Type:  Middle
Direct Funded Charter School: No (An LEA is a school district or county office of education.)

  Ranks   Targets
Number of Students Included in the 2010 API 2010 Base API   2010 Statewide Rank 2010 Similar Schools Rank   2010-11 Growth Target 2011 API Target
1220 928   10 6   A A

"N/A" means a number is not applicable or not available due to missing data.
"A" means the school scored at or above the statewide performance target of 800 in 2010.
For a further description of similar schools, please refer to the 2010-11 APR Glossary-Base API.

The API scale is 200-1000. Only scores for students continuously enrolled in the school from the October 2009 California Longitudinal Pupil Achievement Data System (CALPADS) date to the 2010 testing date are included in the calculation.

Create and download a data file of these 100 similar schools.
100 Similar Schools
Listed alphabetically by county, school district, and school name.
CDS Code County School District School 2010 Base API
01-61119-6090054  Alameda Alameda City Unified Lincoln Middle 899
01-61176-6056907  Alameda Fremont Unified John M. Horner Junior High 890
01-61176-6056923  Alameda Fremont Unified William Hopkins Junior High 984
01-61275-6066492  Alameda Piedmont City Unified Piedmont Middle 942
01-75101-6066500  Alameda Pleasanton Unified Harvest Park Middle 933
01-75101-6108971  Alameda Pleasanton Unified Pleasanton Middle 932
01-75101-6117592  Alameda Pleasanton Unified Thomas S. Hart Middle 899
04-61531-6112999  Butte Paradise Unified Paradise Charter Middle 902
07-61713-6003768  Contra Costa Lafayette Elementary M. H. Stanley Middle 909
07-61747-6003925  Contra Costa Moraga Elementary Joaquin Moraga Intermediate 934
07-61754-6004063  Contra Costa Mt. Diablo Unified Foothill Middle 900
07-61770-6004477  Contra Costa Orinda Union Elementary Orinda Intermediate 938
07-61804-6005078  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Charlotte Wood Middle 913
07-61804-6117451  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Diablo Vista Middle 927
07-61804-0116541  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Gale Ranch Middle 927
07-61804-6113336  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Iron Horse Middle 926
07-61804-6005110  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Los Cerros Middle 933
07-61804-6097166  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Pine Valley Middle 922
07-61804-6005144  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Stone Valley Middle 922
07-61804-0108324  Contra Costa San Ramon Valley Unified Windemere Ranch Middle 965
09-61838-6112361  El Dorado Buckeye Union Elementary Rolling Hills Middle 897
09-61978-6103527  El Dorado Rescue Union Elementary Marina Village Middle 906
19-64212-6066708  Los Angeles ABC Unified Carmenita Middle 939
19-64261-6057467  Los Angeles Arcadia Unified First Avenue Middle 942
19-64261-6061246  Los Angeles Arcadia Unified Foothills Middle 967
19-64261-6057475  Los Angeles Arcadia Unified Richard Henry Dana Middle 941
19-64568-6061303  Los Angeles Glendale Unified Rosemont Middle 923
19-64683-0101154  Los Angeles Las Virgenes Unified Alice C. Stelle Middle 917
19-64683-6014781  Los Angeles Las Virgenes Unified Arthur E. Wright Middle 905
19-64683-6066765  Los Angeles Las Virgenes Unified Lindero Canyon Middle 897
19-75333-6115307  Los Angeles Manhattan Beach Unified Manhattan Beach Middle 941
19-64865-6021331  Los Angeles Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified Miraleste Intermediate 903
19-64865-6021257  Los Angeles Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified Palos Verdes Intermediate 959
19-64865-6117584  Los Angeles Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified Ridgecrest Intermediate 940
19-64964-6022503  Los Angeles San Marino Unified Huntington Middle 971
19-65029-6058556  Los Angeles South Pasadena Unified South Pasadena Middle 928
19-65060-6023089  Los Angeles Torrance Unified Bert M. Lynn Middle 922
19-65060-6023014  Los Angeles Torrance Unified Calle Mayor Middle 920
19-65060-6023196  Los Angeles Torrance Unified Edward J. Richardson Middle 892
19-73460-6096358  Los Angeles Walnut Valley Unified Chaparral Middle 920
19-73460-6108344  Los Angeles Walnut Valley Unified South Pointe Middle 907
19-73460-6023386  Los Angeles Walnut Valley Unified Suzanne Middle 926
21-65318-6024202  Marin Dixie Elementary Miller Creek Middle 893
21-65334-6068308  Marin Kentfield Elementary Adaline E. Kent Middle 937
21-65367-6024350  Marin Larkspur Hall Middle 921
21-65391-6085187  Marin Mill Valley Elementary Mill Valley Middle 933
21-65425-6024632  Marin Reed Union Elementary Del Mar Middle 952
27-66233-6026702  Monterey Washington Union Elementary San Benancio Middle 891
28-66266-6113302  Napa Napa Valley Unified River Charter 857
30-66464-6111397  Orange Capistrano Unified Aliso Viejo Middle 895
30-66464-0111914  Orange Capistrano Unified Arroyo Vista Middle 888
30-66464-6117642  Orange Capistrano Unified Don Juan Avila Middle 907
30-66464-0100917  Orange Capistrano Unified Ladera Ranch Middle 914
30-66464-6117725  Orange Capistrano Unified Las Flores Middle 912
30-66464-6101125  Orange Capistrano Unified Newhart Middle 888
30-66498-6027916  Orange Fountain Valley Elementary Fulton (Harry C.) Middle 912
30-66530-6089072  Orange Huntington Beach City Elementa Isaac L. Sowers Middle 873
30-73650-6071179  Orange Irvine Unified Rancho San Joaquin Middle 954
30-73650-6100879  Orange Irvine Unified Sierra Vista Middle 949
30-73650-6095137  Orange Irvine Unified Venado Middle 938
30-66555-6028914  Orange Laguna Beach Unified Thurston Middle 906
30-73924-6058853  Orange Los Alamitos Unified Oak Middle 890
30-73924-6058879  Orange Los Alamitos Unified Sharon Christa McAuliffe Middle 919
30-73643-6116305  Orange Tustin Unified Pioneer Middle 939
31-66829-6101778  Placer Eureka Union Willma Cavitt Junior High 897
37-73551-6118137  San Diego Carlsbad Unified Aviara Oaks Middle 881
37-68296-6111306  San Diego Poway Unified Mesa Verde Middle 930
37-68296-0108332  San Diego Poway Unified Oak Valley Middle 915
37-68312-6070908  San Diego Rancho Santa Fe Elementary R. Roger Rowe Middle 952
37-68338-6115331  San Diego San Diego Unified Marshall Middle 924
37-68338-6059687  San Diego San Diego Unified Muirlands Middle 882
37-68346-6117352  San Diego San Dieguito Union High Carmel Valley Middle 967
37-68346-6104749  San Diego San Dieguito Union High Diegueno Middle 889
37-68346-6061998  San Diego San Dieguito Union High Earl Warren Middle 929
37-68346-6059737  San Diego San Dieguito Union High Oak Crest Middle 889
39-68585-6042063  San Joaquin Lodi Unified Elkhorn 988
39-75499-6118665  San Joaquin Tracy Joint Unified Discovery Charter 818
40-68700-6117980  San Luis Obispo Atascadero Unified Fine Arts Academy 836
41-68908-6043707  San Mateo Hillsborough City Elementary Crocker Middle 951
41-68957-6044093  San Mateo Las Lomitas Elementary La Entrada Middle 970
41-68965-6044150  San Mateo Menlo Park City Elementary Hillview Middle 931
41-68981-6044275  San Mateo Portola Valley Elementary Corte Madera 949
41-69039-6044861  San Mateo San Mateo-Foster City Bowditch Middle 906
43-69419-6046767  Santa Clara Cupertino Union Cupertino Middle 928
43-69419-6046882  Santa Clara Cupertino Union Joaquin Miller Middle 983
43-69419-6046890  Santa Clara Cupertino Union John F. Kennedy Middle 986
43-69419-0108126  Santa Clara Cupertino Union Sam H. Lawson Middle 983
43-69435-6110159  Santa Clara Evergreen Elementary Chaboya Middle 924
43-69518-6047385  Santa Clara Los Altos Elementary Ardis G. Egan Junior High 968
43-69518-6047435  Santa Clara Los Altos Elementary Georgina P. Blach Junior High 964
43-69526-6047567  Santa Clara Los Gatos Union Elementary Raymond J. Fisher Middle 909
43-69641-6060065  Santa Clara Palo Alto Unified David Starr Jordan Middle 938
43-69641-6060081  Santa Clara Palo Alto Unified Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle 931
43-69641-6118707  Santa Clara Palo Alto Unified Terman Middle 940
43-69666-6060099  Santa Clara San Jose Unified Bret Harte Middle 909
43-69682-6049092  Santa Clara Saratoga Union Elementary Redwood Middle 972
47-70425-6050892  Siskiyou Mt. Shasta Union Elementary Sisson 885
56-73874-6098255  Ventura Oak Park Unified Medea Creek Middle 925
57-72678-0106674  Yolo Davis Joint Unified Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Junior High 893
57-72678-6060396  Yolo Davis Joint Unified Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High 890
57-72678-6066245  Yolo Davis Joint Unified Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High 894

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