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3 - Year Average Academic Performance Index Report

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(An LEA is a school district, county office of education, or statewide benefit charter.)

NOTE: A 3-Year Average API report is not produced for districts, county offices of education, and the state. These reports are only available at the school-level.

County List of SchoolsCDS CodeSchool Level
Marin County Office of Educati 21-10215-0000000    
Marin County Community **21-10215-2130037H415440446
Marin County Special Education 21-10215-6069504H723754753
Bolinas-Stinson Union 21-65300-0000000    
Bolinas-Stinson Elementary **21-65300-6024137E841842842
Dixie Elementary 21-65318-0000000    
Dixie Elementary 21-65318-6024160E942941941
Mary E. Silveira Elementary 21-65318-6024194E904905905
Vallecito Elementary 21-65318-6024244E895905905
Miller Creek Middle 21-65318-6024202M911913913
Kentfield Elementary 21-65334-0000000    
Anthony G. Bacich Elementary 21-65334-6024319E898926925
Adaline E. Kent Middle 21-65334-6068308M939946946
Laguna Joint Elementary 21-65342-0000000    
Laguna Elementary **21-65342-6024327E   
Lagunitas Elementary 21-65359-0000000    
Lagunitas Elementary 21-65359-6024335E825795795
San Geronimo Valley Elementary **21-65359-6024343E707  
Larkspur-Corte Madera 21-65367-0000000    
Neil Cummins Elementary 21-65367-6024376E902915915
Hall Middle 21-65367-6024350M911918918
Mill Valley Elementary 21-65391-0000000    
Edna Maguire Elementary 21-65391-6024418E933940940
Old Mill Elementary 21-65391-6024442E945945945
Park Elementary 21-65391-6024459E936940940
Strawberry Point Elementary 21-65391-6024467E936931931
Tamalpais Valley Elementary 21-65391-6024475E942940940
Mill Valley Middle 21-65391-6085187M944945945
Nicasio 21-65409-0000000    
Nicasio **21-65409-6024483E822841841
Novato Unified 21-65417-0000000    
Hamilton Meadow Park 21-65417-6024491E827842842
Loma Verde Elementary 21-65417-6024509E858864864
Lu Sutton Elementary 21-65417-6024517E839841841
Lynwood Elementary 21-65417-6024525E821834834
Novato Charter 21-65417-6113229E945939939
Olive Elementary 21-65417-6024558E859852851
Pleasant Valley Elementary 21-65417-6024574E903914914
Rancho Elementary 21-65417-6024582E936950950
San Ramon Elementary 21-65417-6024590E880877877
Hill Middle 21-65417-6058598M   
San Jose Intermediate 21-65417-0124081M845  
San Jose Middle 21-65417-6058606M   
Sinaloa Middle 21-65417-6058614M857858857
Marin Oaks High **21-65417-2132264H763712703
Nova Education Center **21-65417-2130045H740752751
Novato High 21-65417-2132272H808809809
San Marin High 21-65417-2133056H787795794
San Marin High School-Plus **21-65417-0123018H   
Reed Union Elementary 21-65425-0000000    
Bel Aire Elementary 21-65425-6024616E940957957
Reed Elementary 21-65425-6024657E964957957
Del Mar Middle 21-65425-6024632M960960960
Ross Elementary 21-65433-0000000    
Ross Elementary 21-65433-6024673E932934934
San Rafael City Elementary 21-65458-0000000    
Bahia Vista Elementary 21-65458-6024756E739773771
Coleman Elementary 21-65458-6024764E841866865
Glenwood Elementary 21-65458-6024780E903898898
Laurel Dell Elementary 21-65458-6024814E809774775
San Pedro Elementary 21-65458-6024830E760763763
Sun Valley Elementary 21-65458-6024863E919918918
Venetia Valley Elementary 21-65458-6024772E771782782
James B. Davidson Middle 21-65458-6058622M829821822
San Rafael City High 21-65466-0000000    
Madrone High Continuation **21-65466-2133254H612662661
San Rafael High 21-65466-2133262H779770770
Terra Linda High 21-65466-2134005H814807807
Sausalito Marin City 21-65474-0000000    
Bayside **21-65474-6024889E720760759
Willow Creek Academy 21-65474-6118491E795848844
Martin Luther King, Jr., Academy **21-65474-6097695M735710709
Tamalpais Union High 21-65482-0000000    
Redwood High 21-65482-2132587H904901901
San Andreas High (Continuation) **21-65482-2134419H640571558
Sir Francis Drake High 21-65482-2131340H857854854
Tamalpais High 21-65482-2133692H868863863
Tamiscal High (Alternative) **21-65482-2130078H873867867
Shoreline Unified 21-73361-0000000    
Bodega Bay Elementary **21-73361-6051627E842821817
Tomales Elementary 21-73361-6024921E826836836
West Marin Elementary 21-73361-6024954E838829829
Tomales High 21-73361-2134310H781784784
Ross Valley Elementary 21-75002-0000000    
Brookside Elementary 21-75002-6024681E938943944
Brookside Upper 21-75002-0124578E929  
Manor Elementary 21-75002-6024277E890887887
Wade Thomas Elementary 21-75002-6024731E938936937
White Hill Middle 21-75002-6024285M917918918

Blank cell – This indicates that the school or student group did not have a valid 2011, 2012, and/or 2013 Growth API. Therefore, a 3-Year average could not be calculated.

*Assembly Bill (AB) 484 amended California Education Code sections 52052(e)(2)(F) and 52052(e)(4) to allow schools that do not have an API calculated in 2013–14 and 2014–15 to use one of the following criteria to meet legislative and/or programmatic requirements:

The decision to use one of the above criteria may be made on a program by program basis and is a local decision.

**Means this API is calculated for a small school, defined as having between 11 and 99 valid Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program test scores included in the API. The API is asterisked if the school was small in either 2012 or 2013. APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and, therefore, should be carefully interpreted.

Formula to Calculate Average APIs:

A 3-Year Average API Report was produced if the following criteria were met:
  1. The school had a valid API (i.e., the school received an API report) in each of the last three consecutive years;

  2. The school had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years. (A valid score is when a student’s assessment results are included in the calculation of the API.); and,

  3. If the above criteria are met, the 3-Year Average API Report will also include any student group(s) that had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years.
Non-Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the non-weighted average is:

2011 API + 2012 API + 2013 API
Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the weighted average is:

(2011 API x 2011 Valid Scores) + (2012 API x 2012 Valid Scores) + (2013 API x 2013 Valid Scores)
2011 Valid Scores + 2012 Valid  Scores+ 2013 Valid Scores

Further details about the calculation of the averages and the 3-Year Average API Report can be found in the “Status of the Academic Performance Index and the 3-Year Average Information Guide”. This guide can be accessed by selecting the “3-Year Average Guide” button within the “API Links” section above.