County List of Schools
3 - Year Average Academic Performance Index Report

County: Sacramento
CD Code: 34-00000-0000000

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(An LEA is a school district, county office of education, or statewide benefit charter.)

NOTE: A 3-Year Average API report is not produced for districts, county offices of education, and the state. These reports are only available at the school-level.

County List of SchoolsCDS CodeSchool Level
Sacramento County Office of Ed 34-10348-0000000    
Fortune **34-10348-0124651E807  
Sacramento County ED Special Education **34-10348-0106302E414458461
El Centro Jr./Sr. High **34-10348-0106278H433578571
Elinor Lincoln Hickey Jr./Sr. High **34-10348-0106237H   
Gerber Jr./Sr. High **34-10348-0118745H498  
Palmiter Special Education **34-10348-0106229H395365365
Sacramento County SH Special Education 34-10348-0106294H779751751
Arcohe Union Elementary 34-67280-0000000    
Arcohe Elementary 34-67280-6032890E778771771
Elk Grove Unified 34-67314-0000000    
Anna Kirchgater Elementary 34-67314-6032981E730737737
Arlene Hein Elementary 34-67314-0105908E877880880
Arnold Adreani Elementary 34-67314-0108720E938938938
Arthur C. Butler Elementary 34-67314-6109516E868857857
Barbara Comstock Morse Elementary 34-67314-6113179E789797797
C. W. Dillard Elementary 34-67314-6033039E880890890
California Montessori Project - Elk Grov34-67314-0111732E849821821
Carroll Elementary 34-67314-0111112E861857857
Charles E. Mack Elementary 34-67314-6033005E718738737
Cosumnes River Elementary 34-67314-6033013E905915915
David Reese Elementary 34-67314-6033021E711720720
Edna Batey Elementary 34-67314-0101790E891892892
Elitha Donner Elementary 34-67314-6112106E811830830
Elk Grove Elementary 34-67314-6033047E858862862
Ellen Feickert Elementary 34-67314-6101844E837836836
Elliott Ranch Elementary 34-67314-6120034E900910910
Florence Markofer Elementary 34-67314-6098743E798815815
Florin Elementary 34-67314-6033054E687  
Foulks Ranch Elementary 34-67314-6107700E846860860
Franklin Elementary 34-67314-6033062E869870870
Helen Carr Castello Elementary 34-67314-0108738E865874873
Herman Leimbach Elementary 34-67314-6077291E710715715
Irene B. West Elementary 34-67314-6120018E841838838
Isabelle Jackson Elementary 34-67314-6106355E754756756
James A. McKee Elementary 34-67314-6033088E831826826
Jessie Baker **34-67314-6032999E780778778
John Ehrhardt Elementary 34-67314-6110118E849855855
John Reith Elementary 34-67314-6107916E719737737
Joseph Sims Elementary 34-67314-6116818E843862862
Maeola E. Beitzel Elementary 34-67314-6113187E839846847
Mary Tsukamoto Elementary 34-67314-6110985E793796796
Pleasant Grove Elementary 34-67314-6033096E876879879
Prairie Elementary 34-67314-6098750E760775775
Raymond Case Elementary 34-67314-6118046E840832832
Robert J. Fite Elementary 34-67314-6120026E808821820
Roy Herburger Elementary 34-67314-0105932E846842842
Samuel Kennedy Elementary 34-67314-6033104E714723722
Sierra-Enterprise Elementary 34-67314-6033112E741738738
Stone Lake Elementary 34-67314-6118053E888888888
Sunrise Elementary 34-67314-0114702E898901901
Union House Elementary 34-67314-6107718E714723722
Edward Harris, Jr. Middle 34-67314-0105924M793775775
Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle 34-67314-0116871M893882882
Harriet G. Eddy Middle 34-67314-6112031M784765766
James Rutter Middle 34-67314-6059174M715701700
Joseph Kerr Middle 34-67314-6061808M830833833
Katherine L. Albiani Middle 34-67314-0108746M886879879
Samuel Jackman Middle 34-67314-6109821M740710710
T. R. Smedberg Middle 34-67314-6113831M796787787
Toby Johnson Middle 34-67314-6120000M856859860
Calvine High **34-67314-3430311H564574574
Cosumnes Oaks High 34-67314-0116897H792794794
Daylor (William) High (Continuation) **34-67314-3432002H560555554
Elk Grove Charter 34-67314-6112254H683696697
Elk Grove High 34-67314-3432572H795791791
Florin High 34-67314-3430477H728730730
Franklin High 34-67314-3430873H822814814
Insights High (Continuation) **34-67314-3430527H642626623
Laguna Creek High 34-67314-3430592H771767767
Las Flores High (Alternative) 34-67314-3430352H747715711
Monterey Trail High 34-67314-0105916H773768768
Pleasant Grove High 34-67314-0108753H848852852
Rio Cazadero High (Continuation) **34-67314-3430329H572559555
Sheldon High 34-67314-3430618H784781781
Transition High (Continuation) **34-67314-3430535H741704702
Valley High 34-67314-3430170H717733733
Elverta Joint Elementary 34-67322-0000000    
Elverta Elementary 34-67322-6033138E749772772
Alpha Technology Middle 34-67322-6033120M756777775
Folsom-Cordova Unified 34-67330-0000000    
Blanche Sprentz Elementary 34-67330-6033146E797810810
Carl H. Sundahl Elementary 34-67330-6106892E903903903
Cordova Gardens Elementary 34-67330-6033153E767750749
Cordova Meadows Elementary 34-67330-6033179E741759760
Cordova Villa Elementary 34-67330-6033187E781740739
Empire Oaks Elementary 34-67330-6118574E951946946
Folsom Cordova K-8 Community Charter **34-67330-0106757E886848846
Folsom Hills Elementary 34-67330-6109755E916923923
Gold Ridge Elementary 34-67330-6115638E902899899
Mather Heights Elementary 34-67330-6033203E893867874
Natoma Station Elementary 34-67330-6112916E882890890
Navigator Elementary 34-67330-0111278E787  
Oak Chan Elementary 34-67330-6107965E928914914
Peter J. Shields Elementary 34-67330-6033211E786787787
Rancho Cordova Elementary 34-67330-6033229E725744746
Russell Ranch Elementary 34-67330-0113621E960952952
Sandra J. Gallardo Elementary 34-67330-0100404E953953953
Theodore Judah Elementary 34-67330-6033252E908872880
White Rock Elementary 34-67330-6033278E709721721
Williamson Elementary 34-67330-6033286E713722722
Folsom Middle 34-67330-6059182M896900900
Mills Middle 34-67330-6059190M769752752
Sutter Middle 34-67330-6118012M888887887
W. E. Mitchell Middle 34-67330-6059208M764736735
Cordova High 34-67330-3431533H728735735
Folsom High 34-67330-3433216H869864865
Folsom Lake High **34-67330-3430709H656664674
Kinney High (Continuation) **34-67330-3434792H595581580
Vista del Lago High 34-67330-0113571H866873873
Walnutwood High (Independent Study) **34-67330-3430501H647666666
Galt Joint Union Elementary 34-67348-0000000    
Lake Canyon Elementary 34-67348-0107946E843842842
Marengo Ranch Elementary 34-67348-6114185E850847847
River Oaks Elementary 34-67348-6110654E867865865
Valley Oaks Elementary 34-67348-6033310E781791791
Vernon E. Greer Elementary 34-67348-0119420E812805805
McCaffrey Middle 34-67348-0100040M815819819
Galt Joint Union High 34-67355-0000000    
Estrellita Continuation High **34-67355-3432903H535584590
Galt High 34-67355-3433471H752754754
Liberty Ranch High 34-67355-0119131H771777776
River Delta Joint Unified 34-67413-0000000    
Bates Elementary 34-67413-6033641E839833833
D. H. White Elementary 34-67413-6033716E836824823
Delta Elementary Charter 34-67413-0114660E781776778
Isleton Elementary 34-67413-6033666E874863863
Walnut Grove Elementary 34-67413-6033708E773769769
Clarksburg Middle 34-67413-0112078M693736736
Riverview Middle 34-67413-6033690M826807807
Delta High 34-67413-5731708H732746746
Rio Vista High 34-67413-4835302H759761761
River Delta High/Elementary (Alternative**34-67413-3430469H   
Robla Elementary 34-67421-0000000    
Bell Avenue Elementary 34-67421-6033724E791773774
Glenwood Elementary 34-67421-6112296E721737736
Main Avenue Elementary 34-67421-6033732E767776776
Robla Elementary 34-67421-6033740E790793793
Taylor Street Elementary 34-67421-6033757E728742741
Sacramento City Unified 34-67439-0000000    
A. M. Winn Elementary 34-67439-6033765E715748749
Abraham Lincoln Elementary 34-67439-6099808E696739740
Alice Birney Waldorf-Inspired K-8 34-67439-6034078E758755755
Aspire Capitol Heights Academy 34-67439-0102343E860855856
Bowling Green Elementary 34-67439-6033799E764768768
Bret Harte Elementary 34-67439-6033807E712742744
Caleb Greenwood 34-67439-6033815E828820819
California Montessori Project - Capitol 34-67439-0111757E815813813
Camellia Elementary 34-67439-6033823E892893893
Caroline Wenzel Elementary 34-67439-6033831E775787787
Cesar Chavez Intermediate 34-67439-6119440E777798797
Clayton B. Wire Elementary 34-67439-6033849E701715715
Collis P. Huntington Elementary 34-67439-6033856E678694694
Crocker/Riverside Elementary 34-67439-6034243E911926926
David Lubin Elementary 34-67439-6033880E846857856
Earl Warren Elementary 34-67439-6033906E784806806
Edward Kemble Elementary 34-67439-6033914E836822823
Elder Creek Elementary 34-67439-6033930E769801800
Ethel I. Baker Elementary 34-67439-6033948E654685686
Ethel Phillips Elementary 34-67439-6033955E737758757
Father Keith B. Kenny Elementary 34-67439-6110662E814776778
Freeport Elementary 34-67439-6033963E   
Fruit Ridge Elementary 34-67439-6033989E646682682
Genevieve Didion 34-67439-6096168E903908908
Golden Empire Elementary 34-67439-6097083E842850850
H. W. Harkness Elementary 34-67439-6033997E771784785
Hollywood Park Elementary 34-67439-6034003E777787787
Hubert H. Bancroft Elementary 34-67439-6034011E783789789
Isador Cohen Elementary 34-67439-6034029E779805806
James Marshall Elementary 34-67439-6096150E796807807
John Bidwell Elementary 34-67439-6034045E794810810
John Cabrillo Elementary 34-67439-6034052E737724723
John D. Sloat Elementary 34-67439-6034060E680708710
John H. Still 34-67439-6059323E646689687
John Morse Therapeutic Center **34-67439-0113209E639561563
Joseph Bonnheim Elementary 34-67439-6034094E736742742
Leataata Floyd ELementary 34-67439-6034037E579647645
Leonardo Da Vinci 34-67439-6059315E821825825
Maple Elementary 34-67439-6034110E777735733
Mark Hopkins Elementary 34-67439-6034128E678689689
Mark Twain Elementary 34-67439-6034136E705725726
Martin Luther King, Jr. 34-67439-6107239E751751751
Matsuyama Elementary 34-67439-6111389E853868868
Nicholas Elementary 34-67439-6034169E684717717
O. W. Erlewine Elementary 34-67439-6034177E810836836
Oak Ridge Elementary 34-67439-6034185E757746746
Pacific Elementary 34-67439-6034193E684709709
Parkway Elementary 34-67439-6034201E748761760
Peter Burnett Elementary 34-67439-6034219E751748748
Phoebe A. Hearst Elementary 34-67439-6034227E941938938
Pony Express Elementary 34-67439-6034235E856865864
Sequoia Elementary 34-67439-6034250E793810810
Sol Aureus College Preparatory 34-67439-0101295E846849850
St. HOPE Public School 7 34-67439-0101048E856886883
Susan B. Anthony Elementary 34-67439-6071336E722746745
Sutterville Elementary 34-67439-6034276E842853853
Tahoe Elementary 34-67439-6034284E734746747
The Language Academy of Sacramento 34-67439-0106898E771778778
Theodore Judah Elementary 34-67439-6034292E850865865
Washington Elementary 34-67439-6096655E727748748
William Land Elementary 34-67439-6034326E833795795
Woodbine Elementary 34-67439-6034334E704706706
Yav Pem Suab Academy - Preparing for the34-67439-0121665E800786790
Albert Einstein Middle 34-67439-6059273M766781781
California Middle 34-67439-6059281M832810811
Fern Bacon Middle 34-67439-6059307M794744747
Kit Carson Middle 34-67439-6061832M669657657
Oak Park Preparatory Academy **34-67439-0125591M887  
Rosa Parks Middle 34-67439-6059299M692658658
Sam Brannan Middle 34-67439-6059356M795773773
Sutter Middle 34-67439-6066690M862870870
Will C. Wood Middle 34-67439-6059364M776740740
American Legion High (Continuation) **34-67439-3430154H539536537
Arthur A. Benjamin Health Professions Hi34-67439-0108951H701688687
C. K. McClatchy High 34-67439-3435419H753762762
Capital City Independent Study 34-67439-3430519H606581581
George Washington Carver School of Arts 34-67439-0101899H787773774
Hiram W. Johnson High 34-67439-3434636H700691690
John F. Kennedy High 34-67439-3434768H745756756
Luther Burbank High 34-67439-3431012H678674674
New Technology High 34-67439-0101881H732717716
Rosemont High 34-67439-0101972H726733733
Sacramento Charter High 34-67439-0102038H780784784
School of Engineering & Sciences 34-67439-0114546H755779777
The MET 34-67439-0101907H710706706
West Campus 34-67439-3430865H902904904
San Juan Unified 34-67447-0000000    
Albert Schweitzer Elementary 34-67447-6034896E813825825
Arlington Heights Elementary 34-67447-6034367E788790789
California Montessori Project-San Juan C34-67447-0112169E802809809
Cambridge Heights Elementary 34-67447-6068670E857852852
Cameron Ranch Elementary 34-67447-6034383E759765765
Carmichael Elementary 34-67447-6034391E694725726
Carriage Drive Elementary 34-67447-6105910E774787787
Charles Peck Elementary 34-67447-6034839E698744747
Citrus Heights Elementary 34-67447-6034433E776784783
Cottage Elementary 34-67447-6034441E726741740
Coyle Avenue Elementary 34-67447-6034466E776800800
Del Dayo Elementary 34-67447-6034482E903917916
Del Paso Manor Elementary 34-67447-6034490E827846846
Dyer-Kelly Elementary 34-67447-6034524E706714714
Earl Legette Elementary 34-67447-6034672E819833832
Gold River Discovery Center K-8 34-67447-6111363E907923923
Golden Valley Charter School of Sacramen34-67447-0114983E772774775
Grand Oaks Elementary 34-67447-6034573E763774776
Green Oaks Fundamental Elementary 34-67447-6034581E935938938
Greer Elementary 34-67447-6034599E663698699
Harry Dewey Fundamental Elementary 34-67447-6034516E824855854
Howe Avenue Elementary 34-67447-6034623E617  
James R. Cowan Fundamental Elementary 34-67447-6034458E916926926
Kingswood Elementary 34-67447-6034656E726752751
Lichen K-8 34-67447-6034680E758764764
Mariemont Elementary 34-67447-6034706E895899899
Mariposa Avenue Elementary 34-67447-6034714E703713713
Mary Deterding Elementary 34-67447-6034508E895909909
Mission Avenue Open Elementary 34-67447-6034730E841872871
Northridge Elementary 34-67447-6034755E732737737
Oakview Community Elementary 34-67447-6034771E830846846
Orangevale Open K-8 34-67447-6034797E889896896
Ottomon Way Elementary 34-67447-6105928E808820821
Pasadena Avenue Elementary 34-67447-6034813E749771776
Pershing Elementary 34-67447-6034847E886896896
Ralph Richardson Center **34-67447-6034938E524562561
Sierra Oaks K-8 34-67447-6034904E837837836
Skycrest Elementary 34-67447-6034912E728737738
Starr King K-8 34-67447-6034920E672687688
Thomas Edison Language Institute 34-67447-6034540E599679667
Thomas Kelly Elementary 34-67447-6034631E800781782
Trajan Elementary 34-67447-6103816E860878877
Twin Lakes Elementary 34-67447-6034953E831842842
Whitney Avenue Elementary 34-67447-6034961E673705707
Woodside K-8 34-67447-6097810E797808808
Andrew Carnegie Middle 34-67447-6034409M864854855
Arcade Fundamental Middle 34-67447-6034342M827851851
Arden Middle 34-67447-6034359M823846845
John Barrett Middle 34-67447-6034375M749776778
Jonas Salk High-Tech Academy 34-67447-6034888M   
Louis Pasteur Fundamental Middle 34-67447-6034821M830829829
Sylvan Middle 34-67447-6034946M728746745
Will Rogers Middle 34-67447-6034870M746738738
Winston Churchill Middle 34-67447-6034425M853853853
Bella Vista High 34-67447-3430493H845843843
Casa Roble Fundamental High 34-67447-3431111H769781782
Del Campo High 34-67447-3432051H760748747
El Camino Fundamental High 34-67447-3432317H778791791
El Sereno Alternative Education **34-67447-3430386H679626621
Encina Preparatory High 34-67447-3432838H582582581
La Entrada Continuation High **34-67447-3430097H   
La Vista Center **34-67447-3430394H425401404
Laurel Ruff Center **34-67447-6034664H739702694
Mesa Verde High 34-67447-3430048H674686687
Mira Loma High 34-67447-3435930H838828828
Options for Youth-San Juan 34-67447-3430691H699685686
Rio Americano High 34-67447-3436714H823825825
San Juan Choices Charter 34-67447-3430758H651645646
San Juan High 34-67447-3438504H661632633
Visions In Education 34-67447-3430717H722714715
Center Joint Unified 34-73973-0000000    
Arthur S. Dudley Elementary 34-73973-6032908E795810810
Cyril Spinelli Elementary 34-73973-6032924E804815814
North Country Elementary 34-73973-6108948E813822822
Oak Hill Elementary 34-73973-6107734E820838837
Wilson C. Riles Middle 34-73973-0108621M825800796
Antelope View Charter **34-73973-3430816H672687691
Center High 34-73973-3430378H778779779
Global College Prep Charter High **34-73973-0106377H764760761
McClellan High (Continuation) **34-73973-3430451H669607611
Natomas Unified 34-75283-0000000    
American Lakes Elementary 34-75283-6100432E743733733
Bannon Creek Elementary 34-75283-6107981E733  
H. Allen Hight Elementary 34-75283-0116806E766779778
Heron 34-75283-0111138E839838838
Jefferson Elementary 34-75283-6104731E742687684
Natomas Park Elementary 34-75283-6117535E802802801
Two Rivers Elementary 34-75283-6118624E844794794
Westlake Charter 34-75283-0108860E913918918
Westlake Charter Middle **34-75283-0124594E839  
Witter Ranch Elementary 34-75283-0102277E830842842
Leroy Greene Academy 34-75283-0126060M768  
Natomas Middle 34-75283-6117527M725730730
Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep Middle 34-75283-0120113M872850851
Discovery High **34-75283-3430626H409  
Inderkum High 34-75283-0102236H753736736
Natomas Charter 34-75283-3430659H884885885
Natomas High 34-75283-3430584H712703703
Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep 34-75283-0112425H816804805
Twin Rivers Unified 34-76505-0000000    
Community Outreach Academy 34-76505-0101766E838831832
Creative Connections Arts Academy 34-76505-0108795E858850849
D. W. Babcock Elementary 34-76505-6033351E747762763
Del Paso Heights Elementary 34-76505-6032932E674719719
Dry Creek Elementary 34-76505-6033484E740763763
Fairbanks Elementary 34-76505-6032940E747741741
Foothill Oaks Elementary 34-76505-6112064E773775775
Frederick Joyce Elementary 34-76505-6033500E734762761
Frontier Elementary 34-76505-6033492E798807807
Garden Valley Elementary 34-76505-6032957E680714714
Hagginwood Elementary 34-76505-6033385E   
Harmon Johnson Elementary 34-76505-6033393E773763769
Hazel Strauch Elementary 34-76505-6033419E785785785
Higher Learning Academy 34-76505-0113878E724689691
Hillsdale Elementary 34-76505-6033518E782789788
Kohler Elementary 34-76505-6033526E721735734
Larchmont Elementary 34-76505-6033534E   
Madison Elementary 34-76505-6033542E761781781
Michael J. Castori Elementary 34-76505-6033427E723737735
Noralto Elementary 34-76505-6033435E821804806
North Avenue Elementary 34-76505-6032973E   
Northwood Elementary 34-76505-6033443E693698698
Oakdale Elementary 34-76505-6033559E763793791
Orchard Elementary 34-76505-6033575E737755754
Pathways Community Day **34-76505-6120729E550  
Pioneer Elementary 34-76505-6033583E763780779
Regency Park Elementary 34-76505-0106450E819815815
Ridgepoint Elementary 34-76505-6105985E805802802
Sierra View Elementary 34-76505-6033609E771758758
Smythe Academy of Arts and Sciences 34-76505-6033336E764771771
Village Elementary 34-76505-6033617E732738736
Warren A. Allison Elementary 34-76505-6033476E743765764
Westside Elementary 34-76505-6033633E782780780
Woodlake Elementary 34-76505-6033450E700715715
Woodridge Elementary 34-76505-6066682E694729730
Foothill Ranch Middle 34-76505-6059232M705668669
Martin Luther King Jr. Technology Academ34-76505-6102784M588592593
Norwood Junior High 34-76505-0100487M736722722
Nova Community Day **34-76505-0108183M   
Rio Linda Preparatory Academy 34-76505-6059257M693690689
Rio Tierra Junior High 34-76505-6059265M707713713
Westside Preparatory Charter 34-76505-6112643M878885885
California Aerospace Academy **34-76505-0114280H   
Community Collaborative Charter 34-76505-0108837H662648649
Elwood J. Keema High 34-76505-3430634H568  
Foothill High 34-76505-3433265H688694694
Futures High 34-76505-0101832H788801800
Grant Union High 34-76505-3433794H670660660
Heritage Peak Charter 34-76505-0108415H722707707
Highlands High 34-76505-3434370H659660660
Miles P. Richmond **34-76505-6069736H   
Pacific Career and Technology High **34-76505-3430261H541497500
Rio Linda High 34-76505-3436979H728720720
SAVA: Sacramento Academic and Vocational34-76505-0114272H523553550
Vista Nueva Career and Technology High **34-76505-3430881H548547544

Blank cell – This indicates that the school or student group did not have a valid 2011, 2012, and/or 2013 Growth API. Therefore, a 3-Year average could not be calculated.

*Assembly Bill (AB) 484 amended California Education Code sections 52052(e)(2)(F) and 52052(e)(4) to allow schools that do not have an API calculated in 2013–14 and 2014–15 to use one of the following criteria to meet legislative and/or programmatic requirements:

The decision to use one of the above criteria may be made on a program by program basis and is a local decision.

**Means this API is calculated for a small school, defined as having between 11 and 99 valid Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program test scores included in the API. The API is asterisked if the school was small in either 2012 or 2013. APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and, therefore, should be carefully interpreted.

Formula to Calculate Average APIs:

A 3-Year Average API Report was produced if the following criteria were met:
  1. The school had a valid API (i.e., the school received an API report) in each of the last three consecutive years;

  2. The school had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years. (A valid score is when a student’s assessment results are included in the calculation of the API.); and,

  3. If the above criteria are met, the 3-Year Average API Report will also include any student group(s) that had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years.
Non-Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the non-weighted average is:

2011 API + 2012 API + 2013 API
Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the weighted average is:

(2011 API x 2011 Valid Scores) + (2012 API x 2012 Valid Scores) + (2013 API x 2013 Valid Scores)
2011 Valid Scores + 2012 Valid  Scores+ 2013 Valid Scores

Further details about the calculation of the averages and the 3-Year Average API Report can be found in the “Status of the Academic Performance Index and the 3-Year Average Information Guide”. This guide can be accessed by selecting the “3-Year Average Guide” button within the “API Links” section above.