County List of Schools
3 - Year Average Academic Performance Index Report

County: San Mateo
CD Code: 41-00000-0000000

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(An LEA is a school district, county office of education, or statewide benefit charter.)

NOTE: A 3-Year Average API report is not produced for districts, county offices of education, and the state. These reports are only available at the school-level.

County List of SchoolsCDS CodeSchool Level
San Mateo County Office of Edu 41-10413-0000000    
Gateway Center **41-10413-0113332H565477479
San Mateo County Special Education 41-10413-6069363H673682685
Bayshore Elementary 41-68858-0000000    
Bayshore Elementary 41-68858-6043392E772740740
Garnet J. Robertson Intermediate 41-68858-6043400M735744743
Kaplan Academy of California-San Francis**41-68858-0120162H   
Belmont-Redwood Shores Element 41-68866-0000000    
Central Elementary 41-68866-6043434E936937937
Cipriani Elementary 41-68866-6043442E910903903
Fox Elementary 41-68866-6043459E916917917
Nesbit Elementary 41-68866-6043475E865851851
Redwood Shores Elementary 41-68866-0121111E928937936
Sandpiper Elementary 41-68866-6114771E939939939
Ralston Intermediate 41-68866-6043483M907908908
Brisbane Elementary 41-68874-0000000    
Brisbane Elementary 41-68874-6043491E837844844
Panorama Elementary **41-68874-6043517E784797797
Lipman Middle 41-68874-6043509M841841841
Burlingame Elementary 41-68882-0000000    
Franklin Elementary 41-68882-6043541E961958958
Lincoln Elementary 41-68882-6043566E918925925
McKinley Elementary 41-68882-6043574E887872874
Roosevelt Elementary 41-68882-6043590E917907908
Washington Elementary 41-68882-6043608E895896897
Burlingame Intermediate 41-68882-6043525M903894895
Cabrillo Unified 41-68890-0000000    
Alvin S. Hatch Elementary 41-68890-6043616E770785785
El Granada Elementary 41-68890-6043624E796794794
Farallone View Elementary 41-68890-6043632E803805805
Kings Mountain Elementary **41-68890-6043657E958946946
Manuel F. Cunha Intermediate 41-68890-6043665M810811811
Half Moon Bay High 41-68890-4132817H794791791
Hillsborough City Elementary 41-68908-0000000    
North Hillsborough 41-68908-6043673E979985985
South Hillsborough 41-68908-6043681E959962963
West Hillsborough 41-68908-6043699E982977977
Crocker Middle 41-68908-6043707M962964964
Jefferson Elementary 41-68916-0000000    
Daniel Webster Elementary 41-68916-6043772E827826826
Franklin Delano Roosevelt Elementary 41-68916-6043798E808800799
Garden Village Elementary 41-68916-6043806E814798798
George Washington Elementary 41-68916-6043822E819804804
John F. Kennedy Elementary 41-68916-6043848E843825825
Margaret Pauline Brown Elementary 41-68916-6043855E834833833
Marjorie H. Tobias Elementary 41-68916-6043897E891904904
Susan B. Anthony Elementary 41-68916-6115364E809813813
Thomas Edison Elementary 41-68916-6043871E854838838
Westlake Elementary 41-68916-6043905E843840840
Woodrow Wilson Elementary 41-68916-6043913E788775776
Benjamin Franklin Intermediate 41-68916-6043723M769759759
Fernando Rivera Intermediate 41-68916-6043780M849838838
Thomas R. Pollicita Middle 41-68916-6043756M751757757
California Virtual Academy @ San Mateo 41-68916-0112284H739748748
Jefferson Union High 41-68924-0000000    
Jefferson High 41-68924-4133393H736703703
Oceana High 41-68924-4135075H817805805
Terra Nova High 41-68924-4137535H792793794
Thornton High **41-68924-4137592H477510512
Westmoor High 41-68924-4137790H783795795
Pacifica 41-68932-0000000    
Cabrillo Elementary 41-68932-6043939E889894894
Linda Mar Educational Center **41-68932-6043962E703  
Ocean Shore Elementary 41-68932-6044044E859854854
Ortega Elementary 41-68932-0105874E864854854
Sunset Ridge Elementary 41-68932-6044069E835837837
Vallemar Elementary 41-68932-6044051E876876876
Ingrid B. Lacy Middle 41-68932-4130126M820  
La Honda-Pescadero Unified 41-68940-0000000    
La Honda Elementary **41-68940-6044077E860793779
Pescadero Elementary and Middle 41-68940-6044085E718734732
Pescadero High **41-68940-4135331H744763764
Las Lomitas Elementary 41-68957-0000000    
Las Lomitas Elementary 41-68957-6044127E943948948
La Entrada Middle 41-68957-6044093M963968968
Menlo Park City Elementary 41-68965-0000000    
Encinal Elementary 41-68965-6044135E930932932
Laurel Elementary 41-68965-6044168E927913914
Oak Knoll Elementary 41-68965-6044176E961955955
Hillview Middle 41-68965-6044150M950942943
Millbrae Elementary 41-68973-0000000    
Green Hills Elementary 41-68973-6044200E898890891
Lomita Park Elementary 41-68973-6044226E852854854
Meadows Elementary 41-68973-6044234E928911910
Spring Valley Elementary 41-68973-6044259E907894894
Taylor Middle 41-68973-6044267M902902902
Portola Valley Elementary 41-68981-0000000    
Ormondale Elementary 41-68981-6044283E923934935
Corte Madera 41-68981-6044275M937944944
Ravenswood City Elementary 41-68999-0000000    
Aspire East Palo Alto Charter 41-68999-6114953E822838837
Belle Haven Elementary 41-68999-6044309E661676677
Costano Elementary 41-68999-6044325E765769769
Edison-Brentwood Elementary 41-68999-6044333E782787785
Green Oaks Academy 41-68999-6044341E715684679
James Flood Elementary 41-68999-6044358E   
Los Robles Magnet Academy 41-68999-0126649E675  
Willow Oaks Elementary 41-68999-6044416E741755755
Cesar Chavez Elementary 41-68999-6044366M640663664
Ronald McNair Academy 41-68999-6044317M621614614
Stanford New 41-68999-0109561H   
Redwood City Elementary 41-69005-0000000    
Adelante Spanish Immersion 41-69005-6114037E839830830
Clifford Elementary 41-69005-6044424E818812812
Fair Oaks Elementary 41-69005-6044457E741737736
Garfield Elementary 41-69005-6044473E662671671
Hawes Elementary 41-69005-6044481E728718719
Henry Ford Elementary 41-69005-6044499E836826826
Hoover Elementary 41-69005-6044507E737737737
John Gill Elementary 41-69005-6044523E699727726
North Star Academy 41-69005-6115026E996993993
Orion Alternative 41-69005-6102941E854857858
Roosevelt Elementary 41-69005-6044572E801771775
Roy Cloud Elementary 41-69005-6044432E862871871
Selby Lane Elementary 41-69005-6044580E730715715
Taft Elementary 41-69005-6044598E750771771
John F. Kennedy Middle 41-69005-6044531M746724723
McKinley Institute of Technology 41-69005-6044556M741733733
San Bruno Park Elementary 41-69013-0000000    
Allen (Decima M.) Elementary 41-69013-6044648E823823823
Belle Air Elementary 41-69013-6044614E791789787
Crestmoor Elementary 41-69013-6044630E843856857
El Crystal Elementary 41-69013-6044663E838855856
John Muir Elementary 41-69013-6044671E897889889
Portola Elementary 41-69013-6044010E929917918
Rollingwood Elementary 41-69013-6044705E795799799
Parkside Intermediate 41-69013-6044697M785776777
San Carlos Elementary 41-69021-0000000    
Arundel Elementary 41-69021-6044721E946949949
Brittan Acres Elementary 41-69021-6044739E891880881
Heather Elementary 41-69021-6044754E895914913
San Carlos Charter Learning Center 41-69021-6112213E919921921
White Oaks Elementary 41-69021-6044788E922930930
Central Middle 41-69021-6044747M899887887
Tierra Linda Middle 41-69021-6044770M926927927
San Mateo-Foster City 41-69039-0000000    
Albion H. Horrall Elementary 41-69039-6044804E746729729
Audubon Elementary 41-69039-6044812E903904904
Baywood Elementary 41-69039-6044838E932934934
Beresford Elementary 41-69039-6044846E831826826
Brewer Island Elementary 41-69039-6112650E950952952
College Park Elementary 41-69039-6044952E892857859
Fiesta Gardens International Elementary 41-69039-6044887E784768769
Foster City Elementary 41-69039-6044895E931933933
George Hall Elementary 41-69039-6044903E823830830
Highlands Elementary 41-69039-6044911E856867867
Laurel Elementary 41-69039-6044945E825838837
Meadow Heights Elementary 41-69039-6044960E856872871
North Shoreview Elementary 41-69039-6044978E889870871
Park Elementary 41-69039-6044986E762756756
Parkside Elementary 41-69039-6044994E744757757
Sunnybrae Elementary 41-69039-6045017E765779779
Abbott Middle 41-69039-6044796M798789789
Borel Middle 41-69039-6044853M828830830
Bowditch Middle 41-69039-6044861M905909909
THE Bayside S.T.E.M. ACADEMY 41-69039-6044820M746729730
San Mateo Union High 41-69047-0000000    
Aragon High 41-69047-4130217H849844844
Burlingame High 41-69047-4130472H870866866
Capuchino High 41-69047-4130738H791770770
Hillsdale High 41-69047-4133070H818808808
Mills High 41-69047-4134557H871868868
Peninsula High (Continuation) **41-69047-4135265H559591593
San Mateo High 41-69047-4136370H800792792
Sequoia Union High 41-69062-0000000    
Aspire East Palo Alto Phoenix Academy 41-69062-0118232H819787792
Carlmont High 41-69062-4130993H878871871
East Palo Alto Academy 41-69062-0126722H615  
Menlo-Atherton High 41-69062-4133716H819811811
Redwood High **41-69062-4135687H531526522
Sequoia Community Day **41-69062-0125120H436  
Sequoia High 41-69062-4136693H802789789
Summit Preparatory Charter High 41-69062-0112722H845852852
Woodside High 41-69062-4138053H758749749
South San Francisco Unified 41-69070-0000000    
Buri Buri Elementary 41-69070-6045041E873887887
Junipero Serra Elementary 41-69070-6068282E882875875
Los Cerritos Elementary 41-69070-6045082E791808809
Martin Elementary 41-69070-6045090E812823823
Monte Verde Elementary 41-69070-6045108E913907907
Ponderosa Elementary 41-69070-6045116E871869869
Skyline Elementary 41-69070-6045132E866863863
Spruce Elementary 41-69070-6045140E800811810
Sunshine Gardens Elementary 41-69070-6045157E818839839
Alta Loma Middle 41-69070-6059976M845838838
Parkway Heights Middle 41-69070-6059984M783779780
Westborough Middle 41-69070-6067128M852846846
Baden High (Continuation) **41-69070-4130324H415500486
El Camino High 41-69070-4132551H782795795
South San Francisco High 41-69070-4137279H769773773
Woodside Elementary 41-69088-0000000    
Woodside Elementary 41-69088-6045165E965968968
SBE - Everest Public High 41-76588-0000000    
Everest Public High 41-76588-0119503H822826825

Blank cell – This indicates that the school or student group did not have a valid 2011, 2012, and/or 2013 Growth API. Therefore, a 3-Year average could not be calculated.

*Assembly Bill (AB) 484 amended California Education Code sections 52052(e)(2)(F) and 52052(e)(4) to allow schools that do not have an API calculated in 2013–14 and 2014–15 to use one of the following criteria to meet legislative and/or programmatic requirements:

The decision to use one of the above criteria may be made on a program by program basis and is a local decision.

**Means this API is calculated for a small school, defined as having between 11 and 99 valid Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program test scores included in the API. The API is asterisked if the school was small in either 2012 or 2013. APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and, therefore, should be carefully interpreted.

Formula to Calculate Average APIs:

A 3-Year Average API Report was produced if the following criteria were met:
  1. The school had a valid API (i.e., the school received an API report) in each of the last three consecutive years;

  2. The school had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years. (A valid score is when a student’s assessment results are included in the calculation of the API.); and,

  3. If the above criteria are met, the 3-Year Average API Report will also include any student group(s) that had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years.
Non-Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the non-weighted average is:

2011 API + 2012 API + 2013 API
Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the weighted average is:

(2011 API x 2011 Valid Scores) + (2012 API x 2012 Valid Scores) + (2013 API x 2013 Valid Scores)
2011 Valid Scores + 2012 Valid  Scores+ 2013 Valid Scores

Further details about the calculation of the averages and the 3-Year Average API Report can be found in the “Status of the Academic Performance Index and the 3-Year Average Information Guide”. This guide can be accessed by selecting the “3-Year Average Guide” button within the “API Links” section above.