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2007-08 Growth Academic Performance Index (API) Chart

School Chart
2008 Growth Academic Performance Index (API) Report

California Department of Education
Policy and Evaluation Division

California Department of Education

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School:  Oak Ridge High

(An LEA is a school district or county office of education.)
LEA:  El Dorado Union High
County:  El Dorado
CDS Code:  09-61853-0930081
School Type:  High
Direct Funded Charter School:  No

2007 Base API 2008 Growth API Growth in the API from 2007 to 2008
841 865 24

Met 2007-08 Growth API Targets:
   Schoolwide     Yes
   All Subgroups     Yes
   Both     Yes

Schools that do not have a valid 2007 Base API will not have any growth or target information.

A blue lineStatewide Performance Target for Schools = API of 800 or Above

School:   Oak Ridge High
LEA:   El Dorado Union High