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2008-09 Growth Academic Performance Index (API) Chart

School Demographic Characteristics
2009 Growth
Academic Performance Index (API) Report

California Department of Education
Academic Accountability and Awards Division

California Department of Education

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School:  Amador High

(An LEA is a school district or county office of education.)
LEA:  Amador County Unified
County:  Amador
CDS Code:  03-73981-0330753
School Type:  High
Direct Funded Charter School:  No

School Demographic Characteristics
These data are from the October 2008 California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) data collection and the 2009 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program student answer document.
  Ethnic/Racial (STAR) Percent
   African American (not of Hispanic origin) 1
   American Indian or Alaska Native 4
   Asian 1
   Filipino 1
   Hispanic or Latino 9
   Pacific Islander 1
   White (not of Hispanic origin) 83
These percentages may not sum to 100 due to responses of: other, multiple, declined to state, or non-response.
  Participants in Free or
 Reduced-Price Lunch

  Participants in Gifted and Talented
 Education Program

  Participants in Migrant Education Program (STAR) 0

  English Learners (STAR) 1

  Reclassified Fluent-English-Proficient
 (RFEP) Students

  Students with Disabilities (STAR) 7
    School, CBEDS Date (STAR) 97
    LEA, CBEDS Date (STAR) 97
  These are the percentages of students who were counted as part of the school's or LEA's enrollment on the October 2008 CBEDS data collection and who have been continously enrolled since that date.
  Fully-Credentialed Teachers (CBEDS) 97
  Teachers with Emergency Credentials (CBEDS) 0
  Enrollments* (STAR) Percent
     Grade 2 0
     Grades 3-5 0
     Grade 6 0
     Grades 7-8 0
     Grades 9-11 100
  *This is a percentage of all enrollments in grades 2-11.
  Parent Education Level (STAR)
     Percentage with a response* 96
     Of those with a response:
       Not a high school graduate 4
       High school graduate 25
       Some college 39
       College graduate 22
       Graduate school 9
  *This number is the percentage of student answer documents with stated parent education level information.
  Average Parent Education Level (STAR) 3.07
  The average of all responses where "1" represents "Not a high school graduate" and "5" represents "Graduate school."
  Average Class Size (CBEDS)
   Grades Average
     K-3 N/A
     4-6 N/A
     Core academic courses 26
     in departmentalized programs
  Enrollment in Grades 2-11 on First Day of Testing (STAR) 548
  Students Exempted from STAR Testing
  Per Parent Written Request
  Number of Students Tested (STAR) 535
  Multi-track, Year-round School (CBEDS) No