Local Educational Agency (LEA) List of Schools
3 - Year Average Academic Performance Index Report

LEA: Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union
County: Santa Clara
CD Code: 43-69534-0000000

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(An LEA is a school district, county office of education, or statewide benefit charter.)

NOTE: A 3-Year Average API report is not produced for districts, county offices of education, and the state. These reports are only available at the school-level.

No Elementary Schools in the District.

No Middle Schools in the District.

High SchoolsCDS Code2013
Los Gatos High 43-69534-4334371883884884
Saratoga High 43-69534-4337762938934934

Blank cell – This indicates that the school or student group did not have a valid 2011, 2012, and/or 2013 Growth API. Therefore, a 3-Year average could not be calculated.

*Assembly Bill (AB) 484 amended California Education Code sections 52052(e)(2)(F) and 52052(e)(4) to allow schools that do not have an API calculated in 2013–14 and 2014–15 to use one of the following criteria to meet legislative and/or programmatic requirements:

The decision to use one of the above criteria may be made on a program by program basis and is a local decision.

** Means this API is calculated for a small school, defined as having between 11 and 99 valid Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) Program test scores included in the API. The API is asterisked if the school was small in either 2012 or 2013. APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and, therefore, should be carefully interpreted.

Formula to Calculate Average APIs:

A 3-Year Average API Report was produced if the following criteria were met:
  1. The school had a valid API (i.e., the school received an API report) in each of the last three consecutive years;

  2. The school had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years. (A valid score is when a student’s assessment results are included in the calculation of the API.); and,

  3. If the above criteria are met, the 3-Year Average API Report will also include any student group(s) that had 11 or more valid scores in each of the last three consecutive years.
Non-Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the non-weighted average is:

2011 API + 2012 API + 2013 API
Weighted Average: The formula to calculate the weighted average is:

(2011 API x 2011 Valid Scores) + (2012 API x 2012 Valid Scores) + (2013 API x 2013 Valid Scores)
2011 Valid Scores + 2012 Valid  Scores+ 2013 Valid Scores

Further details about the calculation of the averages and the 3-Year Average API Report can be found in the “Status of the Academic Performance Index and the 3-Year Average Information Guide”. This guide can be accessed by selecting the “3-Year Average Guide” button within the “API Links” section above.