California Department of Education
Policy and Evaluation Division
2003 Academic Performance Index (API) Base Report
School Report
Revised June 14, 2004
School: Urban Pioneer Experiential
District: San Francisco Unified
County: San Francisco
List of Similar Schools
CDS Code: 38-68478-3830452
School Type: High
Number of
Students 2003 2003 2003-
Included 2003 State- Similar 2004 2004
in the API wide Schools Growth API
2003 API (Base) Rank Rank Target Target
102 495 1 1 15 510

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"N/A" means a number is not applicable or not available due to missing data.
"N/R" means required enrollment data are not reported.
" * "means this API is calculated for a small school, defined as having between 11 and 99 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test scores included in the API (valid scores). APIs based on small numbers of students are less reliable and therefore should be carefully interpreted. Similar schools ranks are not calculated for small schools.
"A" means the school scored at or above the statewide performance target of 800 in 2003.
"I" means the school has some invalid data and CDE cannot calculate a valid similar schools rank for this school.
For more details about the displayed information, see the Explanatory Notes for the 2003 API Base Report

Subgroups Number 2003-2004 2004
of Pupils 2003 Subgroup Subgroup
Included in Numerically Subgroup Growth API
Ethnic/Racial 2003 API Significant API Base Target Target
 African American (not of Hispanic origin) 18 No
 American Indian or Alaska Native 0 No
 Asian 1 No
 Filipino 5 No
 Hispanic or Latino 25 No
 Pacific Islander 0 No
 White (not of Hispanic origin) 51 Yes 533 12 545
Socioeconomically Disadvantaged 17 No
"A"    means the school scored at or above the statewide performance target of 800 in 2003.
Note: Data are reported only for numerically significant subgroups. Ethnic/racial and socioeconomically disadvantaged subgroups meeting the following criteria are considered numerically significant: the group (1) contains at least 100 students with test scores included in the API (valid scores) OR (2) comprises at least 15% of the school population tested and contains at least 30 students with valid scores.

School Demographic Characteristics
These data are from the October 2002 California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) data collection, the 2003 Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) student answer document and the California Alternate Performance Assessment (CAPA).
Ethnic/racial (STAR) Percent
 African American (not of Hispanic origin) 17
 American Indian or Alaska Native 0
 Asian 2
 Filipino 5
 Hispanic or Latino 23
 Pacific Islander 1
 White (not of Hispanic origin) 51

These percentages may not sum to 100 due to responses of: other, multiple, declined to state, or non-response.

Participants in free or
 reduced price lunch (STAR) 16
 This is also known as the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).
English learners (STAR) 7
Multi-track year-round school  (CBEDS) No
  School, prior year (STAR) 55
 This is the percentage of students who first attended this school in the current year. Students in the school's lowest grade are excluded. These data may not match numbers on other reports for middle and high schools.
  School, CBEDS date* (STAR) 87
  District, CBEDS date* (STAR) 97
  *This is the percentage of students who were counted as part of the school/district enrollment on the October 2002 CBEDS data collection and who have been continously enrolled since that date.
Average class size (CBEDS)
 Grades Average
   K-3 N/A
   4-6 N/A
   Core academic courses 14
   in departmentalized programs
Parent education level (STAR) Percent
   Percent with a response* 45
   Of those with a response:
     Not a high school graduate 7
     High school graduate 25
     Some college 25
     College graduate 31
     Graduate school 11

*This number is the percentage of student answer documents with stated parent education level information.
Average parent education level (STAR) 3.13
The average of all responses where "1" represents "Not a high school graduate" and "5" represents "Graduate school."
Fully credentialed teachers (CBEDS) 60
Teachers with emergency credentials 40
Enrollment in grades 2-11 on first day of testing (STAR) 121
Number of students having significant
  disabilities and marked as being assessed
  with the California Alternate
  Performance Assessment (STAR) 0
Students exempted from STAR 
  testing per parent  
  written request (STAR) 0
Number of students tested (STAR) 106
Number of students actually tested on
  the California Alternate 
  Performance Assessment (CAPA) 0